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BLOGMAS DAY 8 – Christmas PJ Picks

December 8, 2016
I am a massive Pyjama lover and what better way to follow that through into christmas. Im going to be living in my christmas Pjs until its unacceptable to wear them. I wanted to share with you some of my favourite christmas Pj picks so that you can go out and get yourself some too!
 £14.99 – New Look
These are so adorable. I love printed pyjama bottoms as you can mix and match them with whatever top you want. I love the top to these pyjamas. I love the christmas puddings on the boobies, just so cute. If you love your christmas pud, these are the ones for you. 
 £19.99 – New Look via ASOS
These are one of my FAVOURITE christmas Pj picks. One of my favourite christmas films is Elf so when I saw these, I was like I need to share these with you lovelies. GO BUY THEM…..I didn’t buy them but I am tempted to buy these. 

£20 – ASOS
These are so cute and if you’re a girl who loves her Pj shorts then these are the ones for you. Black isnt really the most christmassy colour but these are cute and the ginger bread men on the boobies just make them even cuter. Quite pricey for what they are especially as they’re not the most christmassy ever but got to cater for everyone. 

£17.99 – New Look via ASOS
When I saw these on the ASOS website, I had to buy them. I love Home Alone and these Pyjama bottoms are my favourite style of bottoms so I couldn’t not buy them. Also they’re so cheap and cute. I mean there was no way I was going without them. Such a novelty pj set but if you can’t do novelty at christmas, when can you?

£24 – ASOS
These are the priciest of all my Pj picks. These have a onesie look to them but they’re actually a top and trousers. These are great for those of you who aren’t keen on the novelty style Pjs at christmas but want something which is minimal but also festive. Also these would keep you nice and warm during the cold evenings. 

What would a christmas Pj picks post be without a onesie? and better yet a reindeer onesie.  Im not overly keen on onesies, mainly because they make you so incredibly hot and sweaty and I’m just not into that but for those of you who are, this is certainly one to purchase. It looks so cosy and you could  deffo wear this most of the year as its not overly christmassy….apart from the red nose. 
Hopefully you’ve now found some Christmas Pjs to get you feeling extra festive. Let me know what your favourite ones are!
Charlotte Olivia

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