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BLOGMAS DAY 4 – Minimal Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

December 4, 2016
Wrapping presents and making them look pretty is something I really enjoy at Christmas time. Im not someone who goes over board and spends ages making presents look so fabulous like they’re in a window display because the paper is going to get ripped and screwed up into a ball. So i usually go for something minimal but pretty.
Lets begin with the wrapping and accessories I chose for this year…
The majority of my gift wrap and accessories have been purchased from Paperchase. They always have lovely wrapping and I found a selection of things that I just fell in love with. When I saw this London themed paper, I instantly knew I needed to have it. I love the traditional Christmas feel about it and it makes me feel even more festive which is what you need at Christmas right. If you’re ever stuck for ideas, Paperchase is the place to go!
Sometimes simple is best and this idea is pretty simple. Just some bog standard brown paper…which everyone loves because it looks so nice even though it is so boring at the same time. To jazz it up a little, I have used this Christmas print tape which just looks a little bit nicer than sellotape. to add a little bit of lux to the present, I have tied some ribbon which really does make a simple box look like its been bought from an expensive shop…does that even make sense?
Here is another idea using ribbon but something that is a little more interesting…
I deffo think that this idea makes a present look so much more expensive and it something everyone can do. Its very simple but looks so classic and luxurious. 
Gift Tag
If ribbon isn’t something that you feel like you can do or isn’t really you’re kinda thing. You can keep it extra simple with normal wrapping like you would with any present and stick a cute little gift tag to the present. You can get such lovely gift tags theses days and this little London bus one is so cute. How cut does that little present look? I mean I think it looks adorable.
My final minimal idea is to use festive string. Any string would work but this red & white and gold & white string just screams christmas as gives a very festive touch to both of these presents. The brown paper package tied up with string – name that film! is actually a mug which I really struggled to wrap and in order to attempt to make it look some what nice looking, I tied this string around it and I really like how it turned out. I really wasn’t expecting it to look nice but I like the rustic old fashioned style of it. Its like how a package would have been sent in the 40’s or something. Im loving the vintage vibes. If your present looks badly wrapped…no worries…tie some string around it, I’m sure it will be okay. 
So there you have it. A few simple little ways of wrapping presents. I am no where near being a present wrapping pro but I just do me and go along with it. I think these presents look really cute and was so in expensive which is exactly what you need when you’ve spent loads of money on presents for yourself as well as the presents for your family and friends. 
See you tomorrow!
Charlotte Olivia

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