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BLOGMAS DAY 13 – DIY Pom Pom Garland

December 13, 2016
When it comes to Christmas decorations, we all love to make our rooms and houses look instramable, am I right? I had seen these pom pom garlands everywhere but couldn’t find one I liked or one that I wanted to pay a ridiculous amount for. So I decided to take the plunge, do some DIY and make one myself. Its not as perfect as it could be but It took me so long that I kind of gave up slightly half way through making the pom poms which is why some of them look a little fuller than others. Its honestly one of the simplest things I have ever made but its just a time consuming process. 
STEP 1 – What Will You Need
The first thing you need to do is hit up Hobby Craft or any craft store of your choice and get yourself some wool. I chose to go with christmassy colours but if you’re wanting to get extra use out of the garland, you could go for multi colours. Do whatever you fancy. I believe the wool at Hobby Craft is 3 for 2 which is perfect for creating this garland. You could add more colours but I wanted to keep it nice and simple. You’re also going to need to get yourself some sort of string to put the pom poms on. I chose this red and white striped wrapping string which is very christmassy but you could use any string. The last few bits you will need are some scissors, a pen and cardboard…. the best thing to use is a box you have left over from your online christmas shopping.
STEP 2 – Cut Out Circles
In order to make the pom poms the first thing you need to do is cut out some circle shapes. I found some circle shaped objects to create the shape and used a selection of different sizes just because I didnt want it to look to perfect, I like the idea of it being a little bit mish mashed. You will need 2 circles for each pom pom and each circle needs to have the middle cut out of it. This is so you can thread the wool through. It doesn’t have to be perfect at all as they’re just a guide for creating the pom pom. I created 6 pom poms which means you will need 12 circles. Once they’re all drawn up…its time to cut them out.
STEP 3 – Get The Wool Ready
The next step is to prepare for the creation of the pom pom. What you will need to do is cut off a good amount of wool from the ball of wool. This is purely because you cant fit all of that wool through the hole so you have to adapt the process slightly. Once that string has run out, you just tie another piece to the end of the last and carry on. You can see from the photo, roughly the amount I used.
STEP 4 – Creating The Pom Pom
Here is where the lengthy process begins. You will need to tie the end of the wool around the circle so that it stays secure and then you can being wrapping the wool around the circles. The idea is to wrap the wool around the circle until you can physically get any more wool through the hole. If you find it too much of a length process like me…you can just stop when you think theres enough wool on the circle. Its one of those things you kind of have to judge yourself. As long as there is a fair amount of wool wrapped around it, it should be all good. 
STEP 5 – All Pom Poms Wrapped
Once you have finished wrapping the wool around the circles you should end up with a selection of wool circles like this and then you’re ready for the exciting part of making them actually look like pom poms.
STEP 6 – Thread Circles Onto String
You now want to grab your string and cut it the length you would like your garland to be. I was over generous with the length of mine but that just means you can cut it shorter if its a tad too long. Better to be safe than sorry right? 
Once that is all sorted. You will need to thread the circles onto the string and you will just need to position them where you want them. This doesnt have to be perfect as you can actually move the pom poms once they’re on there as they slide along the string pretty easy.
STEP 7 – Cut The Wool Into A Pom Pom
Now that you’ve chosen the order you want your pom poms to be in.  you then need to cut along the edge of the circles. The best way to do it is to cut into it a little bit and then once you have hit the cardboard, slide the scissors in between the 2 pieces of cardboard and cut through the wool. once thats done you might find you need to fluff the wool a little so that it creates the pom pom into more of a pom pom.
You should then be left with a pom pom with some cardboard stuck in the middle. This is where the pom pom comes to life. Next you will need to grab some wool the same colour as your pom pom and slide the piece of wool in between the 2 pieces of cardboard and tie it into a little not. This is just to keep the pom pom together. Once that is all done. You can cut the cardboard and pull it away from the pom pom. You should then be left with a pom pom with the string going through the middle. You need to make sure that the pom pom is on the string before you start cutting the wool.
STEP 8 – Pom Pom Garland Complete
Repeat all those steps for every pom pom and you should then be left with a pom pom garland which you can hang on the wall and take a good old instagram photo. Its  super cute fun little DIY project you can do with your family and friends or just for yourself like me. 
Let me know if any of you make this, Id love to see photos!
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Charlotte Olivia

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