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BLOGMAS DAY 11 – Top 5 Christmas Songs

December 11, 2016

I love it when Christmas rolls around and I can have Christmas music on repeat. Over the years my favourite Christmas songs have changed. As new ones come out, I weirdly become in love with them. I used to be a classic old Christmas song fan but thats all changed over the last few years. SO today I am here to share with you my top 5 Christmas songs and its a random bunch of songs thats for sure.

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Where to begin… well I’ll start with my favourite Christmas song and that is…
All I want for Christmas is you – the Justin Bieber version with Mariah Carey
This song is such a feel good Christmas song and when Justin Bieber is singing it how can you not like it. Im not afraid to say I’m a Justin Bieber fan and he makes the song current and It’s always on repeat at Christmas time. I do love the original too though. 
Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande 
If you haven’t ever heard this song, you need to go and listen to it right now. It’s such a fun Christmas song and its more like a something you would hear in the charts, I just love it. I am a bit biased as I have the biggest crush on Ariana Grande but go listen to it and let me know what you think! its a gooden
Christmas (baby please come home) – Michael Bublé
This song makes me feel so incredibly festive and makes me want to dance around the Christmas tree. Its such a jolly song. If I’m honest the whole Michael Bublé Christmas album is amazing, he’s got such a Christmassy voice…if thats even a thing. 
Shake Up Christmas – Train
You’ll know this song from the Coca Cola adverts and its definitely a gooden. This one the most festive of songs but its a different take on the classics and I really like it. And you know that it isn’t Christmas until you’ve seen the Coca Cola advert, am I right? this always makes me think of the Coca adverts
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – Justin Bieber version
This is another feel good Christmas song and Justin Bieber just sings it so well. As you can see I love a feel good Christmas song. I mean why not you know, Christmas is a time to be happy and feel good and this one certainly does! Im sure you’ve heard this one

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Im sure many of you have completely different selection of Top 5 songs so let me know what yours are. Mine are very current and new but I do love all the old classics too. I just love Christmas.
Charlotte Olivia

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