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BLOGMAS DAY 1 – Girly Gift Guide

December 1, 2016
Buying presents is one of my favourite things about christmas. Buying a gift that you know that person will like makes you even more excited to give it to them. I wanted to share with you some little gift ideas which range in price, none of them are that expensive so if you’re on a budget I might be able to help you out. For some reason and I do not know why, all the gifts I have to show you weirdly all have the same colour palette but we’re going to go with it. Some of these things aren’t actually going to be gifts to anyone, they’re just things I own which would make lovely gifts for a girly girl. I have split my gift guide into 3 sections which should hopefully help you in terms of the type of girl you are buying for..
We all know a girl that loves stationary and if you’re ever in doubt cute pretty stationary is a perfect way to go for any girl really….as long as they’re likey to use it. 

My first stationary pick come from the Gabriella collection in Primark. I’m sure if you’re a blogger/vlogger fan you will have heard of Gabby and her stationary collection. These items are so cute and so incredibly cheap. They definitely look more expensive than they actually are. If you’ve got a tight budget these little bits would make an ideal little gift for someone or even if you’ve got a younger cousin or niece, this would be perfect.
Sticky Notes – £3
Pencils – £1.50
List Note Pad – £2
Something a little pricer now…
Keeping with the blogger theme. This beautiful note pad/sticky note selection is from the Zoella Lifestyle collection and boy is it the prettiest thing you ever did see. I adore everything from the Zoella Lifestyle collection. Everything is like a bloggers dream and this is no exception. I love this as it give you the opportunity to organise your life on the go without having a lug around a massive calendar or diary. This retails for £10 which I don’t think is too bad for what it is and perfect for a stationary lover or a girl who loves marble and copper. This one is going to my sister!
When it comes to christmas who doesn’t love a good ol’ hot chocolate or even champagne if you’re feeling spendy. If you know a girl who loves her tea, coffee or hot chocolate, these gifts might be on your to buy list.
When I saw this little cocktail shaker in Boots, I HAD to buy it. I am a massive lover of jar glasses and when I saw this jar cocktail shaker, I almost melted. Better yet its a copper/bronze colour which meant this girl wasn’t leaving the shop without it. This would be a fab present for anyone who goes out a lot or loves to make they’re own cocktails from time to time. I purely bought this for the way it looked but shh don’t tell anyone. Im in two minds about giving it to my mum for christmas. I mean if she doesn’t use it, I can I guess.
Now this is the copper mug of dreams. This little mug is adorable and when I came across it on I had to buy it for my sister. Me and my sister are copper lovers and I know that she’ll just absolutely love this when she opens it. The one thing I love about is that a lot of the products they sell can be personalised which really does make something like this mug so much more personal. I got my sisters initial engraved on it and I love it. I would recommend this one for anyone who loves a warm drink in the winter. Also it came so well packaged which is always a plus. 
And finally for those girls on the go. This one is the ideal present and its so incredibly instagramable which is something that instantly wins me over. The Zoella Lifestyle collection is amazing for presents as they’re all so adorable and come in the cutest packaging. 

Buying gifts for a girl who loves fashion can be difficult as usually they buy the clothes they want. Here is a few little bits which you could buy which would make cute little gifts. 
Calvin Kleins are one of my favourite underwear brands. Their underwear is so incredibly comfy and these Calvin Klein sets are everywhere. I adore this pink set which is exclusive to Urban Outfitters. Its just something a little bit different to the bog standard Calvins. This would be perfect for a girl who loves pink.

This clutch bag is so incredibly adorable and beautiful. When I came across this on the ASOS website, I HAD to buy it. Its so incredibly festive but could be worn all year around which is what makes it such a good buy and present if you know someone who loves a bit of rose gold. I mean I could recommend you all go any buy this right now. Its so pretty. 
Bobble hats are always a good idea for a present. Its always cold in England so who wouldn’t appreciate a thick knit hat to keep your head warm in the winter. This one is from ASOS and is so warm, I can tell you that from experience. It also goes with everything. 

If you know a girl who loves their phone, a phone case is such a good way to make sure you buy something they’re going to like. This one is from Coconut Lane and their phone cases are so good. They ware so well and look so pretty. If you do decide to get anything from the Coconut Lane website, use code charlotteolivia20 to get 20% off everything on the website!

Most of us know someone who loves getting things for their home and these two cute items would be great as gifts. 
Now I’m sure you’ve seen these everywhere. I wanted one so badly I bought one for myself but its so adorable and I think every girl should have one of these. I bought it in grey because grey is one of my fave colours but they do sell it in a selection of colours. Who doesn’t want to look like a mermaid when they’re wrapped up on the sofa?

My final gift comes from the Zoella Lifestyle collection. Can you tell I’m loving it? This smells amazing, like amazing. This would be the perfect gift for anyone who is at uni or in halls at uni because I believe candles are not allowed in uni halls….don’t quote me on that one. OR if you know someone who’s not massive candles like me, this is a good gift to get to give them a reason to make their room smell amazing. Equally you could buy a candle but whatever floats your boat. 
I hope you found this gift guide helpful or at least gave you some ideas for things to ask for!
Charlotte Olivia

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