What’s In My Make Up Bag?

What’s In My Make Up Bag?
When it comes to make up, as you can tell, Im not really a huge collector of it. I do have other make up but honestly, It just kinda sits there most of the time. I wanted to share with you just exactly what goes into my minimalist make up bag. Even on a night out, it doesn’t change much so you’re in for a real treat here…I hope this is actually interesting considering theres not a huge amount to show you but hey ho. 
Where to start with my incrdibly simple make up bag? well I guess we’ll start with the make up bag itself..

This super cute bag was a gift which came with my clinique skincare purchases and I am IN LOVE with it. It’s so incredibly cute and pretty and girly and I love the little drawings on it. Did I mention it was cute? 
Its the perfect size bag for my make up as I dont really have a lot but still has a little bit of room for extra make up bits. 
Firstly, Primer…
Now I often skip this part cause I don’t actually use primer that much. I actually find it can make your make up a little bit cakey which isn’t a good look when you have to wear the same make up all day. However this is a good primer so I would recommend if you want to try one out. 
Next … Foundation. Oh and concealer…
The Lasting Performance Foundation from Max Factor has to be one of my favourite foundations I have ever used. Firstly it matches my ridiculously pale skin and secondly it actually stays on my face all day. Its deffo one to try if you’re a gal looking for a decent drugstore foundation. I believe this one is around the £10 mark. For concealer, I use the one that so many people use and it is the Lasting Perfection concealer from Collection. This is a fab concealer, doesn’t last that long though but then it is cheap. Another concealer that I like is the revlon colour stay concealer but sometimes its hard to find so I often alternate between the two. 
Next up, Bronzer..
Bronzer is one of those things which is a struggle for a girl with pale skin so I often have to go for a shimmery one as it blends with my skin a little bit better. This however isn’t a shimmery one and actually works with my pale skin, YAY. This one is from Sleek and I believe it is called the Contour Kit but please don’t quote me on that one. I use this everyday and it is amazing and the highlight is really good too. 100% recommend this one. 
Now for Eye Balls and Brows..
Keeping it oh so simple with the eyes with the Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara. I have been using this for a while, its not the best Benefit mascara but it does the job. My all time favourite mascara is the Benefit Roller Lash, it’s honestly amazing and I love it. It makes your eye lashes look amazing. For brows, I use the Soap and Glory Archery pencil and again it does the job. I love it though, It really does just make my eye brows look more put together…if thats even a thing. 
My favourite make up item is….. LIPS
I may not be into make up but I love a lip product. My collection of lip products is forever growing. I mean its not huge but I love to experiment with lip products and I have so many of the same colour… well similar colours anyways. If I’m going to change anything with my make up its my lip colour. You can probably tell the colour I like to wear the most.
Last but not least…Brushes..
All of my make up brushes are from Real Techniques and I couldn’t recommend them more. I also use the Real Techniques sponge which is one of my favourite products from the brand. I love them they’re amazing. I also popped my eyelash curlers in there…they’re from boots and they do the job which is fab just what I needed them for.
Well thats a wrap on whats in my make up bag and I hope you enjoyed reading this. I know that this probably wasn’t the most interesting of make up bags but ya know some girls just aren’t big on the make up front. Theres a reason why I post outfit posts all the time. 
Well I hope to see you in couple days with another post! Also keep tuned for Blogmas, got some really exciting posts coming!
Charlotte Olivia


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