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Two Shades Of Grey

November 12, 2016
This jumper has been worn to death and its only just got cold… I need help. Im such a jumper girl. When the weather gets cold, I instantly bring them out and buy more because who doesn’t need more jumpers to add to their already massive jumper collection… am I right?
Because I have worn this jumper so much already, It would be stupid of me not to include in in a few outfit posts. Todays post also goes down that Made In Chelsea vibe which I seem to be going for at the moment. This outfit is very basic but by adding a few interesting accessories, the outfit instantly looks more put together and visually appealing. 
Where to start? well this jumper is one which I purchased from none other than Topshop. Its a lovely warm jumper, however it bobbles like crazy so I wouldnt recommend buying it. I mean I got it on uniform so it cost me like £14 or something stupid like that so I’m not too fussed. I have teamed the jumper with a pair of ripped jeans which are also from Topshop. I actually frayed the hems of these myself as they didnt fit my ankles very nicely and also I couldn’t find any frayed jeans at the time so I just did a little DIY to a pair of brand new £40 jeans. Risky I know but it worked out so I didnt waste £40 thank god. To sproose the outfit up I have added this floppy hat which I never wear I have to be honest but I love the way it looks and it deffo gives a classier feel to a simple jumper and jeans outfit. I have also added these grey boots which I adore and work well with the grey jumper even though they are a different shade of grey. I must admit something to you…I actually sent these boots back. As beautiful as they are, I just wasn’t in love with them and knew I wouldnt wear them enough. If you’re a gal who knows they’re going to get the wear out of these, I would deffo recommend them but I just wasn’t feeling them. To finish off the look, I have added my Anya Hindmarsh bag which I love and literally goes with any outfit I wear it with. It was 100% the best present I have ever received. 
Jumper – Topshop
Jeans – Topshop
Boots – Urban Outfitters
Hat – eBay
Before I go, I am really sorry if this post sounds a little all over the shop and what not but I’m in one of those moods where I feel really conversational but I’m actually sat in my room listening to christmas music and writing this me. 
Oh and also these photos were taken a while back/maybe like a couple weeks ago which is why my hair looks a little longer…just incase you even noticed that but you probably didn’t, It doesn’t really look much longer.
Thanks beauts for taking the time to read this today!
Charlotte Olivia

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