NEW IN – November Addition

NEW IN – November Addition
As the colder weather approaches, its hard not to buy things… especially when it comes to buying christmas presents but buying yourself presents instead. That is something we all do, you can’t denie it! Here are a few things I have picked up recently which are perfect for the winter season!
Chucky Knit Bobble Hat
Bobble Hat – ASOS
For some reason this year I have really been getting into bobble hats, I don’t have many but I love the way they look AND they keep your head nice and warm. This one is more of a chunky knit and will be better for when it gets super cold. I have actually already worn it but it is a little too warm for the weather at the moment. I just got too excited to wear it when it arrived! would deffo recommend this hat, I’ve got my eye on a pink one very similar to this on ASOS but it was sold out when I went to buy it (sad face)
High Top Black Converse
Converse – Office
A few years back I used to wear black converse all the time, mainly for nights out at uni but they never left my feet. I have always been a converse fan but other trainers took their place over the years. I have been wearing my Vans far too much and wanted a pair of shoes which were different but gave a similar look and these are exactly what I was looking for. They’re just black converse but they go with everything… everything in my wardrobe anyway! 
Copper Tip Laces

Mr Lacy Copper Laces – Office
Now these were a complete impulse buy and they were the best idea ever. I love anything copper/rose gold and these laces just add a personal touch to my converse. Everyone has them so why not have a pair of laces which are a little different. Also when these have had their day, I’ve still got the original ones to replace them with and we all know how grubby laces can get! The best part is that they’re  only £3.99 which I don’t think is too bad for some pretty laces.
The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar 

Beauty Secret Advent Calendar – Look Fantastic
This is a little bit of a random purchase but I have always wanted to try out a beauty advent calendar and never really knew which one to go for. I saw a couple of adverts on youtube for this one and I thought Id give it a shot. Also its so incredibly pretty, its rose gold  and white, how could I say no. It was pretty pricey at £70 but Im sure it will be totally worth it. I wouldn’t usually spend that sort of money on something like this but I have a job and felt like treating myself this year!
Rose Gold Pleated Skirt

Rose Gold Skirt – Missguided
This skirt isn’t something I would usually purchase and is deffo a little out of my comfort zone but I literally love it. I have posted a photo of me wearing this on my Instagram if you’re interested in seeing how it looks. Its literally gorgeous and I did debate sending it back cause I really don’t know if ill really wear it out much BUT since christmas is coming up, hopefully I’ll get some wear out of it. I mean I so badly want to wear it so I WILL find a time to wear it…even if I wear it to work!
NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams
NYX Lip Cream in Zurich – Boots 
NYX Lip Cream in Manila – Boots
NYX Lip Cream in Tokyo – Boots
I have heard a lot about NYX lip products but never been able to find them or get my hands on them. Mainly because I didnt want to have to order online without seeing th colours in person. I happen to be in Liverpool Street Station in London and the boots there has NYX products SOOO naturally I just walked over to the counter and picked up a few lip creams. I have to say I’m really impressed and each colour is completely different. Only issue is I’m not overly into lip products at the moment due to my Invisalign but I will get wear out of them soon. I would deffo recommend these lip creams, they feel so luxurious and so worth the £5.50 price tag.
Sparkly ‘C’ Keyring 

Sparkly Keyring – ASOS
This was another total impulse buy and I only really bought it cause it was sparkly and in the shape of a C. I don’t even have keys to put this on as I live at home and don’t have my own house keys, How sad is that. I do have a back door key so I guess It can go on that. I might even use it as a bag charm if it doesn’t look too naff. I love it though, its just something nice to add to your life. Would make a great present to someone as well. 
UGG Slippers

UGG Slippers – Office
Ever since going to uni, I have become a major slipper fan and with a dog who brings mud into the house all the time, its hard to keep your socks and feet clean. I had a pair of Primark versions and they were on their last legs. I decided to take it upon myself to get a pair which would last a long time. I have always wanted a pair of UGG slippers and never really had the money to be able to but I have splashed the cash as you may say and it was totally worth it. I have worn them every day since I got them and they’re heavenly! I would totally recommend them…if you have the moment to spend on them that is. 
Sparkly Crop Jumper

Jumper – ZARA
I have been on the hunt for this jumper for soo long and I finally found it in my ZARA. Its not quite what I was hoping it would be as it is quite cropped but I do really quite like it. I think it will look beaut over the top of a shift dress or teamed with a high waisted skirt. I have tried it on with some high waisted jeans and It looks okay but I’m not overly keen on cropped things unless its summer so we’ll see how I can find the best way to style this but this will be appearing on my blog soon so do keep your eyes peeled!
Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I have began my Invisalign treatment and its taking over my life… I’ll do an update post soon to explain in more detail!
 Charlotte Olivia 


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