BLOGMAS DAY 22 – Minimal Festive Make Up

BLOGMAS DAY 22  – Minimal Festive Make Up
If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know when it comes to make up, the only thing I change is my lipstick. Im not the biggest make up fan, I just like to keep it simple. If I’m honest I’m not the best at make up nor am I any good at eye shadow but I give it a go every now and then.
 Theres many Christmas make up tutorials out there which is why I haven’t done a step by step… its far too basic for a step by step lets be honest. I wanted to show you a simple make up look which you can wear for the festive season or even on christmas day if you don’t have a clue what you’re doing like me. 
Lets start with what make up I have used…
Before I go into the exact products I have used etc. I just have to say there is no photo for the eye shadow palette and heres why…I have had the palette for ages, the mirror is cracked and it is in the worst possible state and because I rarely wear eye shadow, there is no reason to get another one. Its just not something you need to see.  But lets be honest here guys, its a selection of brown eye shadows so anything that looks remotely like the Naked eye shadow palette will do you just fine. 
Lets begin with Foundation…
After moisturising, I use the Real Techniques sponge to apply my foundation. I love this foundation. Firstly it matches my skin tone perfectly and secondly it gives such a lovely coverage. Then to cover up my horrible spots.. I apply my concealer the same way. I often change my concealer but at the moment its the classic Lasting Perfection concealer by Collection.  So now you have your base…
…Next is Eyebrows… and eyes
When it comes to eye brows, I go as basic as you can get with eye brow make up. I literally give them a little brush and then pencil in a little just to give them some sort of shape. I use the Archery pencil from Soap and Glory….main reason being because it has a eye brow brush on one end so it makes doing your eye brows 10x easier. 
Onto Eyes…
Now I know you haven’t seen the eye shadow palette but I used like 3 colours.. a matte shade all over the lid, light shimmery colour for the inside of the eye lid and then for the outside of the lid/crease a slightly darker shimmery shade. Oh My Goodness, that was the worst description ever. Basically its just a golden shimmery eye shadow brushed across my eye lids with a little bit of definition. Well an attempt at definition. Like I said before, I’m not particularly skilled with eye shadow. 
Moving onto eyelashes… I am a massive fan of the Benefit mascaras. They’re amazing. I usually use the Benefit Roller Lash, its literally my all time favourite mascara But recently I have been using this Bad Gal Lash mini mascara and I’m loving it now. Since I have started curling my eye lashes, It deffo looks a lot better on my short eye lashes. It doesn’t make your eye lashes look super volumous or anything but it just lets people know you’re eye lashes are there. 
Up Next Is Bronzer..
This Contour Kit from Sleek is my every day bronzer and highlight and I love it. It works perfectly with my skin tone and just does the job. For this look I have only used the bronzer from this palette. Mainly because its the only bronzer I own and I mean what else am I going to bronze with?
…For Highlight…
Whilst we’re still talking about Sleek. This is the highlighting palette of dreams, I love it. It has the perfect highlighting shades. For me its more of a night out highlighting palette as the highlight its that good…..How many times have I said highlight already?
Basically this palette makes your highlight look amazing and gives more of a glam look compared to the one that comes with the Contour Kit. 
Last Make up item for this look is Lipstick
Now one thing I do have is a wide selection of Lipsticks. I have a problem when it comes to buying lipsticks… I have so many. This is one of my all time faves, Its number 45 from the Rimmel London Kate Moss Nude collection. I love it. Its the perfect 90’s pinky nude. I also tried this look with a red lipstick and that looks fab too but since getting my Invisalign lipstick hasn’t really been on the cards until now so might be a while before I bring out the red lippy but it looks very christmassy with the eye make up and the antlers of course. 
Finally, the make up brushes I have used…
The most random assortment of make up brushes ever. You’ve got some random un names ones, Real Techniques, theres a MAC one in there and I think a Bare Minerals one too. Ya know what, they do the job and thats the main thing!
Now some more photos of my christmassy…ish creation..
I hope you enjoyed todays Blogmas post even if I am talking absolute crap the whole way through because I know nothing about make up. 
Keep tuned for tomorrows post
Love ya 
Charlotte Olivia


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