Halloweeny Lush Bits

Halloweeny Lush Bits
Im not usually a Lush girl, mainly because I don’t often have baths, I’m much more of a shower girl BUT sometimes its nice to pamper yourself. I also thought that I could probably use a few of these things in the shower…obviously not the bath bomb but I’m sure I can make use of everything. Something else which isn’t really my thing is halloween. I have never really been into it apart from the fancy dress nights out. I didn’t want to just pretend it didn’t exist so I thought this would be the perfect halloweeny post…especially if you’re a Lush fan or just want to try out some Lush bits.
Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar
This is something I was keen to try out. It’s basically a shimmery soap so this is deffo something i’ll be able to use in the shower. It doesn’t really have much of a smell but I’m excited to try this one out. I can imagine this one would be really good to use on your arms and legs before going on a night out. Give you a lovely shimmery glow…not that I need it, I already glow when I go out due to how pale I am. Only down side is that it is quite small but if you use it like a soap and perhaps break it up, I can imagine it probably would last a while. 
Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar
Soooo I went a little crazy with the photos for this one. I felt that 2 photos wouldn’t have done this bubble bar justice. This is probably the sparkliest pumpkin I have ever seen and I LOVE it. Im not sure i’ll be able to use this one in the shower but would be perfect for a bubble bath after a long day or week at work. Because it is sparkly, this one would also be great before a night out as well. Im not going to lie, I mainly bought this just to take photos of it. It literally photographs so well… chuffed is the perfect word for this purchase. It also smells amazing and has made my room smell lovely. Don’t worry tho, I will use it.
Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb
Before I start talking about this bath bomb…. This smells AMAZING. It literally smells like sweets and I’m really excited to use this one. Recently I’ve really felt like having a bath and just having a chilled evening. I have chilled evenings all the time but since its colder now I have more reasons too. I love the look of this one, it looks like Mike Wisowski from Monsters Ink but a purple version. I’ll make sure to take photos of it when I use it and post it on my Instagram for you all to see!
I hope you enjoyed this little Lush haul. It’s not the most exciting halloween post but I may possibly do a post on my halloween costume for this year IF I have time over the next week but if not i’ll do a catch up post featuring some photos from my weekend!
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