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New In – Early September

September 20, 2016
This time of year is a killer to the bank account and there is no exception here. I have bought things I dont need but hey ho thats the life of a girl who blogs and loves clothes. I have bought some lovely clothing pieces recently as well as some beauty bits which slightly unlike me but I really wanted to share them with you as I’m in love with everything – the clothes especially!
Lets jump right in…
Dress – Boohoo via ASOS (I can’t find it online *crying emoji*)
This dress is quite literally a DREAM. I noticed it on the ASOS website ages ago and it was sold out  and just left it at that. I then came across it again and they had my size so I just had to buy it. I know its a really simple dress and I probably wont get much wear out of it over the winter, thats for sure but I just fell in love with it. Its such a sweet, feminine dress which could be worn to various different occasions. I mean I could deffo wear it on a night out but if that doesn’t happen (it probably wont, Im basically a granny now), I’ll save it for next summer and hopefully wear it on holiday or something!  One thing I would say if you’re going to buy this is firstly its petite so its quite short and secondly its quite a small so deffo size up! 
Jumper – ZARA
I recently bought this exact jumper in a caramel/camel colour which I fell in love with and because I loved it so much…I bought it in the grey. Im not usually one of those girls that buys the same item in different colours, I don’t know why I just don’t. This jumper is just one of those effortless items that looks good with just a simple pair of jeans. Also because its cropped you would wear it over a dress which means more outfits. When I say its cropped, I mean its like hip length. This will feature in a post soon I’m sure. Its also really soft!
Soooo isnt this the most beautiful bomber jacket you’ve ever seen? Im in LOVE. I love a good jacket and its nice to have an array of different jackets to spice up your slightly boring outfits. This is beautiful and just looks so much more expensive than it was. Honestly go buy yourself one, its like a little sheep skin of your own. Its slightly too warm to wear at the moment but when it gets a little colder, this will be on me at all times! Also how cute is the pink inside? literally a dream *place love heart eye emoji here*

Top – Newlook via ASOS
As you can tell from the previous items, Im preparing for the winter. I adore winter clothes so they’ll be more posts like this coming soon. As I write this, I have more bits I could have added to this post but I’ll have it for the next one. This top is one of those basics that everyone should have it their wardrobe. If its not worn as a top tucked into a pair of jeans, then its the perfect top to layer up with. I believe it was £10 which you can’t go wrong with really. Im yet to wear it as its not quite cold enough but I’m excited to style this up. Like I said they’ll be outfit posts coming your way!
Now onto the Beauty Bits..

Just want to point out that I completely forgot to take a photo of the real techniques brushes, I literally have no idea how I managed that one. Luckily they’re pretty self explanatory and you can see them in this photo thankfully. 
These purchases were all made in the hope that they would help make my skin look better. Im having a little bit of a nightmare at the moment where my make up looks horrible at all times so maybe if my skin gets a little better it will sort it all out, well hoping so anyways. 
First Aid Beauty – Ultra Repair Cream 
I love this moisturiser and I’ve used it about 3 times. Its a really thick luxurious moisturiser which is perfect to use as a night cream. This product is very similar to the Nivea soft moisturiser but feels a lot less oily. If this is a little on the pricer side for you then the Nivea one would good cheaper option.    Im thinking of doing a skin care post of some sort and I’m sure this will be featuring in it. I love. 
La Roche Posay – Effaclar Duo +
This was a purchase based on the fact that it has been raved about so much and I just wanted to give it a try. I dont think I’m using in the best way at the moment so I still need to try it out to make full verdict about it but so far so good. Its basically a spot treatment for those of you who don’t know what it is but if it works I’m sure it will appear in my skin care post!
REN – Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Gel Cream
I bought this to use as a morning moisturiser and again so far so good. Its a nice product but whether its any better than my usual moisturiser I don’t know but we’ll see. This is pretty expensive as well so I mean we’ll have to just wait and see if its worth it.
Bare Minerals – Prime Time 
Bare Minerals – Matte Foundation
Ive always been a fan of Bare Minerals but when I was at uni it was just far too pricey. I mean that money was better spent on clothes or food. Now that I have a little bit more money, I felt it was worth the treat. The primer I have used once and I’m not overly convinced and the foundation I love and loved it the first time I used it when I was about 16.
Im sure if any of these products work wonders, I’ll let you know! Also if you know any good products for spot prone skin let me know. 
And lastly I hope you enjoyed. There will be more New In posts coming soon!
Charlotte Olivia

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