How I Organise My Blog Posts

How I Organise My Blog Posts
Being a newish blogger, Its important to make sure that I get as much content out there as I can. The more I get out, the more view/viewers I get (hopefully).  Keeping your blog organised and keeping posts regular can be a tad on the difficult side and writing down my ideas in a notepad seems to get brushed to the bottom of the pile of miscellaneous things in my room. BUT I’ve discovered a new way to keep organised and help me keep on track of how many posts are ready to go up and what needs to be done. 
It all starts with this AMAZING Agenda which I bought from John Lewis for £30. Now it is pretty pricey for an agenda/diary and I’m sure you could find something cheaper if the price of this is a tad out of your pice range but I genuinely believe its worth it! 
First of all its incredibly pretty (looks good in any insta or blog post) and secondly its got so much room for writing down ideas and whats happening throughout your months, if you have a busy life that is. My life is incredibly un busy so all that features in mine at the moment is blog posts to come.
I guess I better get started on my tips and how this amazing piece of stationary has organised my blog…
Monthly Calendar

Being able to visually see what is happening each day of every month is so useful as you can work out which days you have free, which days your at work, when blog posts are going up and even what days you have free to take blog photos which we all know take a while. I use this agenda purely for blog stuff so my work hours aren’t on here, I actually have a separate monthly calendar for that so then I don’t mix everything up. I can’t deal with things like this looking messy and out of control. This way I can keep this all focused on my blog and then make my days off known on this one to allow me to work out days for taking photos etc. I like to post every other day, as you can see I have briefly written what post will be going up so that I know a post needs to go up that day. It often changes as I don’t always feel like posting an outfit post so I swap them around every now and then but its good to have an idea of what posts you have to go up that month. This doesn’t look very busy in terms of posts but I haven’t had it very long. 
 Notes Page 
The notes page works perfectly for writing down any post ideas you have for the month or any that you have already done or even any possible ideas for the future. Its nice to see all the posts you have planned and what else you could add to the mix that month. As you can probably tell, I like to see what I have in front of me all in one place and this literally makes it so easy. If you’re doing a post each month like a favourites, you can schedule to have the photos taken etc all in the previous month before it needs to go up. Its deffo a good way of keeping on top of all the blog posts you need to do. Also it keeps all your ideas in one place, so if you fancy doing something different thats not on your list of posts for that month, you can see what posts you can scrap or adapt and move posts around. 
Weekly Calendar

These pages are great for writing down everything thats happening that day. This is where I do actually include when I’m working ( I know I know I said it was purely just for my blog but I was wrong), only because theres more room and again I can visually see what I’m doing that day. I can then work out when I can squeeze in some time to take some outfit photos or get some blog post writing in. With my job is very much random with timings so I have to work around the rota. These I guess can look a bit messy if I ever get busy but at this rate I’ll be spending most of my days working and then coming home and blogging but thats fine by me I like what I do. 

1. have a list of all the posts you want to do that month or in the near future – makes it easier when you have bloggers block
2. use a calendar solely for blog posts – you can see when posts are going up and what content you’re producing that month. 
3. Pre plan blog posts – gives you time to work on them and finish them way before they go up
4. Use your free days to your advantage – especially for taking photos
5. Always leave room for un expected random posts.
6. Have fun with it and just enjoy what you’re posting. 
7. are these even good tips? I don’t know!
I hope you enjoyed this little post. I don’t know if it will be any help but this agenda has helped me so much with working out what posts to do and post, I would really recommend it. 
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