A sheep-ly Bomber

A sheep-ly Bomber
Today I am bringing you the winter bomber jacket of dreams – well in my opinion anyways! Its like as comfy as a cloud. Im going to let you to into a secret, I didn’t actually wear this out as it wasn’t really cold enough but it works perfectly with this outfit. This is the perfect transition into autumn layering which is one of the things I love the most about autumn/winter. 
Ive got a simple ribbed long sleeve top underneath the jacket which are great staples to have in your winter wardrobe. Another great staple is a pair of black jeans and these are a new addition to my jean wardrobe. These jeans I purchased from Topshop and I actually did a little bit of DIY to the ends of the legs. Believe it or not, Topshop only sell blue frayed hem jeans and I’m not really a blue jean kinda girl so I took the scissors to these and I love them even more. I love the way frayed hems look, the give a little bit of edge to an outfit which I really like. I mean I know the rips in the knees probably give enough edge but theres just something about frayed hems which I really like. To complete the outfit, I added these sandal boots which are great for this weather however I bought them ages ago so unfortunately you won’t be able to get your hands on these. Ill try an find something similar for you beauts!
Bomber Jacket – lola-may.com
Top – Brandy Melville 
Jeans – Topshop
Shoes – Topshop
Belt – (old)
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