L’Oreal Paris – Pure Clay Facemask Review

I am typically not majorly into beauty, I much prefer to spend my money on clothes. However, I do like to try new products now and then. I heard so many bloggers raving about these L’Oreal face masks and had to see what all the fuss was about. 
When it comes to skin care, I religiously swear by Clinique skincare, It works perfectly for me and my terrible spotty skin. One of my favourite Clinique products is the Pore Refining Solutions Clay Mask which makes my skin feel wonderful so these masks have a lot to live up to in my books. I am always on the hunt for cheaper alternatives as Clinique can be on the pricer side and I don’t always have the money to spend on skincare. 
1. Packaging
I think the packaging for these masks is quite luxurious and expensive looking which is always nice to see when you’re buying a high street product. They are quite heavy however which means you wouldn’t want to be traveling with all three as it would probably weigh down your suitcase. I suppose you could decant the masks into little pots if you did want to take them away with you. Another downside would be that the box it comes in tells you about the product but the actual product has very little information about what to do with it (I know we all know how a face mask works but sometimes they have addition information which will help with the application) which is annoying for those out there who chuck the box away after opening which we all do, who needs to keep cardboard packaging? Overall I really like the packaging and gives the product itself a luxurious feel which makes you feel like you’re spending more money than you actually have.
2. Detox Mask

I really enjoyed using this mask as it really tightened my skin and made it feel really clean and cleansed which is what you want from a facemark. However it didn’t make my skin feel very soft at all and I love to have soft skin after using a face mask. This might just be how my skin reacts to the mask but overall it makes you’re skin feel tight and feels like its done something even if my skin doesn’t feel like a babies bottom. 
3. Purity Mask

This mask has got to be my favourite out of all three. I absolutely love the smell of this one, It smells like an expensive spa treatment. I want to say it smells like Tea Tree but I could be completely wrong.  If you have this mask you’ll know what I mean. I dont know if it will be to everyones taste but I love that the smell lingers whilst you’re wearing it. The other masks have a slight smell but this one is a lot stronger. I felt like this mask worked the best for my skin but I do have fairly spotty skin and out of all the masks this one would be the one designed to help that. Thats one of the things I love the most about these masks. You can use them on specific areas of your face and use all 3 at once. 
3. Glow Mask
This one is the mask I’m not convinced actually does anything, maybe I need to try it a few more times before I fully decide on my opinion for this one. I love that this one has an exfoliating texture to it, I have never seen a face mask like this one. I really didn’t feel like this did much to my face but I will continue to try it out and see if it makes any difference. 
4. Final Face

 This was the overall look during the first time I used these masks. I wanted to see how you could use all 3 masks at once and I really do love the idea of that. Its not something I ever thought about until these products came out. 
Overall, I would say I was 80% impressed with these face masks. That 20% that I’m not impressed with is down to the Glow Mask not really doing much and the fact that they don’t really beat my favourite Clinique mask but I will continue to use them as they do make my skin feel clean and tight which is what I want to get from a face mask. Out of all three, I would recommend the Detox and Purity mask purely because they worked well for my skin. If you have spotty skin like me, definitely give them a go. This is just my experience from these masks and I’m sure many will have different opinions. 
I have a little beauty haul coming up within the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that if you are a beauty gal
Charlotte Olivia


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