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Summer Lace

July 17, 2016

Dress – Pretty Little Thing 
Bag – River Island
Boots – Zara (something similar)
Sunglasses – H&M
When I saw this dress, there was no way I wasn’t buying it. I personally think this is more of an occasion dress rather than one you can wear day to day and no I don’t have an occasion to wear it to but I will find one. I went for a dressed down look for this post, an outfit you could wear to a garden party, evening drinks or an event. Basically you could wear this outfit to anything you wanted but those are the types of things I would wear it to. 
Because the dress is more of an evening style dress (in my opinion anyway), I’ve dressed it down with these faux suede ankle boots which give a casual look but still tie in with the femininity of the dress. If these type of boots are not your type of thang, black boots would work just as well. The fluffy bag is to add a pop of colour as well as adding some texture to the outfit. Again keeping the femininity flowing through the look. I tried to find a similar bag to this online for you but failed as I got this in the Autumn/ Winter months but a pink clutch would work or whatever colour floats your boat. Alternatively you could wait until winter and get a fluffy bag for yourself, maybe add it to your winter wish list to remind yourself as winter is a good few months away (haha)
These sunglasses were just an extra accessory you’d obviously only wear if you were going out during the day and it was sunny but they again give a little splash of femininity. All the pieces collectively work together to create a feminine look which is I guess smart casual but could easily be changed up for an evening look with a hair of heels.
(I know Ive done 2 outfit posts like this very close together but I couldn’t wait to share this one as I think every girl should have a dress like this in their wardrobe)
Let me know If you enjoy these posts!?
Charlotte Olivia

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