Stripy Smock T shirt


Top – Zara (old)
Shorts – Topshop (something similar)
Hat – eBay
Theres something about wearing a floppy hat which makes an outfit look so pretty and feminine. I never wear this hat, mainly because I actually forget that I even own it half the time but no one has to know that. Better yet, I bought this hat from eBay years ago for a bargain price and its still going strong, click the link above and you can get one too. Then we’ll be hat twins (yay). 
This outfit is very fitting with the hot weather thats hit the UK and maybe it will give you some inspo if you’re struggling with what to wear. Even I have no idea what to wear and clothes are my favourite thing. Keeping cool on a hot day can be difficult but If you’re a gal who likes to wear shorts then this could be a look for you. These shorts are pretty simple which allows room for statement top. I bought this t shirt/smock top from Zara in the spring and I love the mix of t shirt and top. I do love a good t shirt. A pretty or cute top can easily just make a simple outfit slightly more trendy. Because I wanted the top to be the statement, I kept everything else black. 
These shoes are a perfect shoe for the english summer as they cover most of your feet but allow them to breathe slightly. They’re also perfect for english spring and Autumn as they do cover most of your feet. This hat is the perfect accessory for the summer and as I said before It was a total bargain which is a win win. 
Charlotte Olivia


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