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Without a doubt, I love to shop and something I have never really ever done is showing people the new bits within my wardrobe. To the average person it probably wouldn’t be of much interest but for you lot reading or people like me who are just nosey, Im sure they’ll be someone out there who wants to know what I’m spending my money on. I haven’t gone crazy with spending at the moment as I have just moved back home from uni and boy have I spent a lot of money over the last few months on uni. 

Dress – Depop (originally Topshop)
Unfortunately this dress isn’t one which many of you will be able to get your hands on. This is an old Topshop dress which I purchased from Depop. If you have a look on Depop you maybe be able to find another one. Its the cutest little midi dress I have ever seen. Full on princess vibes right here (insert princess emoji)

Dress – Topshop
From princess vibes to summer vibes. If a leaf print doesn’t scream summer’s here, I don’t know what does. I had my eye on this beauty for a while and wasn’t entirely sure If I would get much wear out of it but I tried it on when I went to London last week and couldn’t leave the shop without purchasing it. It’s the perfect summer dress and could even double up as an evening/night out dress which is a plus in my books. The dress is a tad big around the chest area but I am a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Comity so there isn’t a lot I can do about that one. Would definitely recommend the dress though, its beaut. 

Dress – Primark
Now this one isn’t quite how I bought it, I made an alteration as it wasn’t my kind of thing at all. Primark being Primark, they added something which really didn’t need to be there and ruined the dress a little, in my opinion anyway. This dress actually came with a little chiffon t shirt style top underneath which was connected to the dress with some clear string. I did actually check I could remove the top before buying the dress as I absolutely hated the little top. Im not one for wearing t shirts under dresses like this but now Ive adapted it, Im in love. It is very similar to the Topshop dress  but it is made out of a much cheaper material but it does the same job – a good cheaper alternative. Perfect for summer and gives a cool vibe. Ive belted it as its far too long and baggy for my little body but would look just as beaut without the belt. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this top as I featured it in an Insta post. Im obsessed with bardot tops at the moment, I literally can’t get enough. They’re so flattering and show off your collar bone which for me is one of my favourite parts of me to show off. This ruched effect of the top reminds me of something which I 100% had when I was about 10. Reliving those childhood days in this beaut off the shoulder top. Its fairly long so works as a longer top to be tucked in or can be rolled under slightly to make it into more of a crop top. Obviously it may be different on you as I’m small with no boobs so theres not much to fill it out. If I’m honest, I think it would look nicer on someone with a bit boobage but hey ho what I can I do. 

 Trousers – Primark
I am forever looking for new bottoms to add to my wardrobe as I am constantly wearing jeans which I don’t actually like doing as you end up wearing the same thing all the time. Trousers are so comfy, they’re like wearing pj trousers which is like a dream in my world. I love comfy clothes. These are a little different to anything I own as they have this textured grid print which really does give a pyjama vibe but I love them they’re so comfy. Teamed with a crop top and heels you’re good to go for drinks with the girls but equally work with a pair of trainers and a t shirt (outfit post on this coming soon if not already posted) If I were you, I’d hit up primark asap and get yourself a pair. I believe they were around £8 but don’t quote me on that one. 

Shoes – Missguided 
I bought these beauts purely because I had been lusting after them for so long and thought Id hopefully have an opportunity to wear them this summer, if not on a night out. They may even get worn at graduation if I’m not feeling my other pair but I highly doubt that. They’re actually really comfy so I would definitely recommend adding them to your wardrobe. However, they are currently sold out in most sizes but I have linked them so if you’re really interested in them keep your eyes peeled to see when they come back in stock. 
These items will all be seen in outfit posts, so keep a look out. Ill be sure to post on my Instagram (@iamcharlotteolivia) to let you all know when they are up.
Charlotte Olivia

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