I WANT List #1

I WANT List #1
It’s not an un known fact that we all have a want list of things which we may possibly buy when we have a little bit of spare money. I am someone who loves to buy new bits and bobs to add to my wardrobe but I have to try my best at the moment to keep that to a minimum. Im going to at least try my very best. Here are a few items which Im lusting after, whether they make it into my wardrobe is a completely different story. 
I am without a doubt a bomber jacket fan and this one has got to be the most beautiful bomber jacket I have seen to date. Suede and pink mixed into a bomber jacket is like a dream come true. Whether it is worth the £135 price tag, I’m not sure. Its a tad out of my price range but I can always dream right?
Sunglasses are becoming a weakness, I mean realistically you need one pair and then once they’re on their last legs, then you have a reason to buy a new pair. But in my world you can never have too many pairs of sunnies, especially if they’re all slightly different. These are beaut and contain a print which would be wearable with pretty much anything. 
My wardrobe contains enough white tops to last a life time so this top isn’t likely to be bought purely because I have far to many but I absolutely love it. If any of you want to own something I would buy then this top would be it. Its literally so cute and pretty and would look prefect with a pair of jeans and sandals.
Two bomber jackets in one post, that proves my obsession I think. I caught eyes on this the other day and ever since then I can’t stop thinking about it. There is something about it which I am absolutely in love with, I think its the beaut embroidery. This is definitely making it to my wardrobe at some point me thinks.
If you’re a girl who loves Instagram as much as me, you have to admit these would make a beaut Instagram photo. These are the prettiest Adidas item I have ever seen and genuinely want them, I just think they’d look so incredibly cool. However I’m so un cool so maybe they wont. They also have a hefty price tag of £80 so if you’re not going on holiday over 10 times this summer, they’re probably not making it into your wardrobe. They’re nice to look at though and I do want them so badly. 
This is one of the most adorable little backpacks I have ever seen. If I’m not obsessing over shoes or bomber jackets, its bags. This is like the perfect size for carrying all your crap but small enough to use as a day to day bag. This would go with everything as its black so if you’re on the hunt for a simple day to day bag this is a possible option. New Look also have one very similar to this if you’re not wanting to spend £38 on a bag. 
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