My Styling Kit

My Styling Kit
Something you may not know about me is that during my final year at uni I have been specialising in styling. When I say styling I mean styling editorials such as menswear, womenswear and still life/flat lays. Something which is important when styling is having a styling kit. I didn’t even know this existed until I began working on more and more photoshoots. I thought that I would share with you the bits and bobs I have found useful through my styling work and if you are interested in going into styling, hopefully this will give you a little heads up of things to remember to take with you. 
Bull Dog Clips
The one thing that is probably the most useful is having an array of clips or bull dog clips. These are amazing for making a piece of clothing tighter when it doesn’t fit the model properly. I have found in the past that a model will say they’re a certain size and they’re actually smaller than that in real life so this is probably the most important thing you need for your styling kit. 
Lint Roller
The next most useful thing is having a Lint Roller. Some fabrics will attract every bit of fluff on the planet – these are the worst fabrics in the world. Often you’ll find a lint roller useful with darker pieces as fluff shows up really clearly on these types of colours. Most girls tend to already have one of these sitting in one of their drawers somewhere. If you don’t, they’re super cheap and can be purchased from Wilko’s or supermarkets. 
Double Sided Tape/Boob Tape
As we all know when you’re wearing something a little risqué boob tape is the way forward and its the same for styling. Theres nothing worse that shooting a beautiful classy dress and then all of a sudden the models boob pops out. I have done more menswear styling over the last year so I haven’t actually needed to use this that much but its always useful to have even if you only use it for personal use. 
The final most useful thing is string. Now you may not think this would be that useful but I have found a use for it and it worked a treat. That use if for jewellery such a necklaces. Sometimes necklaces can be really short and not give the look that you were initially thinking it would. By tying a bit of sting to the ends of the necklace, you can make it look longer or tighten it if its too loose. It was literally a life saver when I was styling some necklaces on a male model. 
Other Bits Which Are Useful To Have…
safety pins
sewing kit
hair ties
a pretty little bag to hold it all in
Charlotte Olivia 

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